Thursday, July 21, 2016

I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Up Again...

How I Dealt With Failure

           I have been preparing for the Google Certified Educator 2 since school has let out.  I have been taking the units, and learning about extensions, add-ons, and an array of new possibilities.  I love all of the places I have gone with technology and feel I am really venturing out.  I have this blog because I knew I needed to make a blog on the test since there was an entire section on the test.  For the first test, I took the test and failed it and then I learned what I missed and came back strong and passed it.  I guess I may be developing a pattern because I took the test this week and failed it.  It was a difficult test -- not because I couldn't do the material -- it was due to me making little mistakes and trying to do things the way I've done it for school and realizing that I'm overcomplicating things.  
           What did I do when I knew I failed? Cried.  It wasn't long, a few minutes.  What did I do next?  I e-mailed the three administrators and one colleague I told about taking the test and told them I failed and I felt better.  I then called my kids and mother-in-law and told them I failed.  I felt even better.  I went to the kitchen and made stuffed pepper soup (great comfort food, by the way) and then I did something I think we all need to do - I tweeted my failure.  I found a quote that spoke to me and I tweeted my failure.  I felt better.  I didn't have to get a bunch of likes and retweets, I just needed to broadcast that I failed and that I am not perfect.  I have 14 days until the next time I can take the test.  I will study on and off, but I will focus on school starting soon.  
           The next day I did something rather therapeutic as well.  I tweeted a great success that my colleague and friend and I created - a "Crucible" Hyperdoc.  I'm very proud of it and felt that it also showed that one thing does not define me.  I will have failures and successes in life, but I will do well overall.  I think our students need to see this and understand that we are indeed not perfect.  We stumble and fail and get back up and try again.  That's life.  

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