Thursday, July 7, 2016

Never Stop Learning!

            Just finished this book.  It was a great read with a lot of things that have been spiraling around Twitter for some time.  I love the idea of Maker Spaces and really think I could incorporate this into my classroom in a smaller way.  I also think that our library would benefit from having something like this and allowing students to tinker and explore.  This is a book that an entire school should take on as a book study.  It really gets you supercharged for change and I love the idea that our students are "digital natives".  They need to learn how to utilize the technology because they surely only know how to use it.  If you are looking for something to make your school jump into technology and learning, this is the book.  I love the ideas and it was great to read after reading "Ditch That Textbook" by Matt Miller.  The Ditch book gives teachers momentum and this book gives collective teachers and schools and districts direction and drive.  I am glad I read the two books in this order.  Off to read some more books and expand my summer learning to benefit myself and my learners this upcoming year and beyond.  Never stop learning as a teacher!

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