Thursday, July 28, 2016

Summer Poem Reveal

An Ode to My Summer?

      Okay, I know that I have done a lot this summer.  I've read five books (almost - 3/4 of a book to go!), created almost five hyperdocs, made a lot of connections online, and reflected.  I used to love writing poetry in college.  I would write it and tuck it away.  When I was needing inspiration, I would get it out and read it.  Since I started reading all of these great books, I started a poem.  I will share it below and know this is huge for me.  I am about to share it on the final #DitchBook chat and I'm nervous.  It's in ten minutes, so I thought it would be best that I post it here and virtually practice.  Now that I see the title, it makes me see the connection to the name of my blog post.  I never tied the two together until now.  Awesome! 

Summer Metamorphosis

The sage on the stage cocoons into a sea of books:
enveloping herself in engaging ideas that
transform her thinking and ideas about teaching
and learning forever.  

The nutrients that feed her teaching soul
derive from Miller, Burgess, Keeler, Sheninger, Highfill,
and many Twitter posts and muses.  
The words give energy and sustenance for a
promising new school year.  

Her first Twitter chat
#DitchBook was a great platform:
feeling validated and appreciated
knowing that this was just the beginning
of deep PLC from my new PLN.

I’m a lynchpin, virtual learning travel guide, pirate,
purple cow and hook innovator.  
I’m a summer learner who will continue to learn
throughout the school year from her PLN,
colleagues, and most of all – students.  

The sage emerges from her cocoon as an
intellectually beautiful butterfly with colorful ideas
illuminating her wings so that she can
soar in Google Classroom alongside her
students who are will be learning to
learn, unlearn, and relearn alongside their teacher.   
The real metamorphosis begins…

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