Saturday, August 13, 2016

Finally...Teachers are back to school - doing our thing!

It's Like a Virus...

I did some bold moves this summer.  I decided to revamp my teaching and made hyperdocs with colleagues, reordered my room to be more comfortable for kids, and worked on my Google Certification.  I do special things with lessons and for my classroom, but not of this magnitude.  It's like a virus.  I thought that when the principal of our school said my name three times at the opening of our PD that I was dreaming.  He encouraged people to come see my room.  I was nervous.  

Twitter allowed me to think all of these things.  I saw other teachers fired up and then I became fired up.  I wanted to know more.  I wanted to create more.  I had teachers come and visit my room and I was amazed at how many went back to their own rooms and began creating their learning environment.  It was like a virus had erupted.  

Not only this, but I helped a Foods teacher create her first hyperdoc.  When I was making my hyperdocs this summer I immediately thought that this would be something for her to do.  She was so excited when I showed her mine and I gave her ideas.  She knows how to make links, forms from docs, etc. because we had time to collaborate.  She's on fire and the virus will hopefully spread.  

Our principal, James Aleshire, talked about making our school a TEAM this year.  I think a team grows and helps one another and that is what I am seeing now. It only takes a spark and I think I am part of the spark, but Twitter and my PLN kept fanning my flame and moving me forward.  

I made a movie of my school transformation and hope to make a movie of my school's transformation this year.  The movie is below.  Enjoy.  

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